Created by an experienced fashion stylist and expert image consultant, An Aesthetic Pursuit is the lifestyling service that combines personalized shopping services and curation of both wardrobe and home.  

An Aesthetic Pursuit provides reference, acts as a sounding board and advisory in making our clients’ most stylish lives a reality. We know there can be a disconnect between how you want to live or dress and how you actually do, and sometimes achieving the style you desire requires assistance. A keen eye and maven’s knowledge of the market is at your disposal with AAP.  We source, analyze and acquire for you — from the prefect dress for a special occasion to the new sofa you’ve been thinking about in the most abstract way, in the back of your mind.  We not only deliver the hunted-found, we show you how to live in it. Always working within clear and determined budgets, we find perfect elements and give you the roadmap for tying it all together.   

An Aesthetic Pursuit 
Brooklyn, New York